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Tourist Injuries And Accidents

Tourist injuries and accidents involve incidents where visitors suffer harm or injury while traveling or engaging in recreational activities, often necessitating legal recourse to pursue compensation for medical expenses and other damages incurred during their stay.

Injuries to Florida Tourists

Under Florida law, tourists injured due to someone else’s unintentional but careless actions are not left to bear the costs and other damages alone.

While the law cannot restore lost bodily functions or parts, it can provide resources to help the accident victim adjust to their new circumstances (future damages) or compensate them for changes they have already endured (past damages).

The law takes into account lost wages or diminished earning capacity (economic damages), as well as the pain, trauma, and necessary adjustments one must endure (non-economic damages).

Whether the injury results from a work-related incident, an automobile crash, a premises-related claim, professional negligence, or product failure, it is crucial for injured tourists to consult a professional familiar with Florida’s personal injury laws for advice.

Tourist Injuries and Accidents

Make sure to contact a Personal Injury law firm such as Templer & Hirsch to take care of your Florida case.

No Fee If No Recovery


Amount Recovered: $1,250,000.00

Bicyclist struck by car; death

Elderly/retired pedestrian was struck from behind while riding his bike. The pedestrian was injured and came to Templer & Hirsch so we can fight for them in their case. The end result was a huge sum of cash for our client of over a million dollars.

Amount Recovered: $115,000.00

Rear End Auto Crash

Client was rear-ended while stopped in rush hour traffic, injuring his neck and knee. Our client didn’t need surgery and we were still able to get them over one hundred thousand dollars!

Amount Recovered: $750,000.00


Dock worker injured at a port in Miami. We were able to settle the longshoreman’s case for around $750,000 which was way more than the longshoreman expected.

Amount Recovered: $6,000,000.000

Pedestrian struck; broken leg with surgery

School teacher attempting to board a City trolley was knocked to the ground, where her leg was run over. She underwent several surgeries in attempts to reduce and repair the fractures.


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