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The negligence of another resulting in damage to a victim often results in a physical injury. There are some circumstances where a physical injury is not the issue but rather an emotional or psychological injury is suffered. These claims for Personal Injury may be as simple as a laceration or as gravely traumatic as paralysis. The labeling of an injury as “soft tissue” inappropriately suggests that such an injury is less than serious. Traumatic brain injuries are soft tissue in nature, as are vital organ ruptures from rapid deceleration events. Every injury in Aventura, Florida must be taken seriously.

Personal injuries are, of course, capable of being intentionally inflicted upon another. Commonly, personal injuries to an accident victim are the result of simple carelessness or negligence. The harm caused is usually unintentional.

Under the law, the victim of another’s unintentional but somewhat careless act is not left to suffer with the costs and other such damages. The law can not restore body parts or functions but it does and can provide the accident victim with resources to more effectively adjust to their new circumstances (future damages) or to compensate them for the changes they already endured (past damages). The law can account for wage loss or diminished capacity to earn money (economic damages) and the pain, trauma, and necessary adjustments one endures (non-economic damages).

Whether the victim of a work related incident, an automobile crash, a premises related claim, professional negligence, product failure or otherwise, consult a professional familiar with the laws related to personal injuries for advice.

The Aventura Florida personal injury lawyers at Templer & Hirsch have provided representation to local residents, to visitors of Florida and to tourists on Miami Beach as well as Aventura for personal injuries thousands upon thousands of times over the last 19 years and are available to help you right now. Call and speak with one of our lawyers about your case.

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