Premises Liability & Slip and Fall

Injuries on Another's Property

To the surprise of many, it is not simply that an injury occured on another's property that results in "Premises Liability".  Carelessness or negligence must be proven (legal liability that attaches despite the lack of carelessness or negligence is termed "strict liability").  This is true whether the injury occurs on another's private property or on government property (including sidewalks!).  Liability may depend upon whether you are on private property or commercial.  An "invitee" has different legal rights than would a "trespasser".  Under some circumstances, being injured on your own property or in your own home may support a claim for damages!

Most commonly these types of injuries are termed "Slip and Fall".  We prefer "Premises Liability" so as to include injuries caused by things such as trip & fall, falling items, lack of maintenance, etc...

Children, with their lower center of gravity and lighter weight, may escape injury whereas an adult may require hospitalization.  Each person is different.

Every person has the right to be free from being injured due to the carelessness of another.  This is true of Florida residents, tourists, visitors from other states and countries, and even undocumented aliens.

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