Lawyers vs Artificial Intelligence

With new Artificial Intelligence advances such as Chat GPT. Will professions like Lawyers, be overtaken by AI? At first glance, AI is changing the Law Field in Numerous tasks. But it is used more as a tool than a complete package a lawyer may provide. First let us look at the negative arguments:

  • AI might have trouble detecting small nuances in an argument which is super important for a case.
  • AI lacks the ability to improvise because it is trained with a specific dataset, it can’t evolve now.
  • Who would be accountable for an AI Lawyer making a mistake in court? 
  • A lawyer currently needs to be Bar Certified, how would an AI be certified? 

On the positive side, AI can automate certain tasks that lawyers traditionally perform, such as document review and legal research. AI can analyze and process copious amounts of data quicker and more efficiently than humans. The main thing AI is great at is pattern recognition. With specific tasks being:

  • Review: Can analyze and categorize large volumes of documents to help lawyers identify relevant information more efficiently. 
  • Research: Can search through databases of legal cases, statutes, and regulations to find relevant information and help lawyers build their cases. 
  • Case Predictions: Using past cases to predict how similar cases might be decided, which can help lawyers know how good a case might be, and the outcome. 
  • Analyzing Documents: AI can extract and summarize key information from documents such as contracts and agreements. This can help lawyers identify potential risks, issues, or breaches more efficiently in a document. 

In conclusion AI is a great tool that can help lawyers be more efficient and effective. AI’s advantages are in analyzing a mass number of documents to help Lawyers parse through the valuable information. But AI makes mistakes and is not perfect as they do not understand nuances. So, keeping AI on a tight leash is important, and making sure an AI’s mistake doesn’t lead to a mistake a lawyer might make. Although AI is progressing rapidly, I do not foresee it overtaking the lawyer profession any time soon. 


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