Watch for Deceptive and Unfair Lending Practices in Miami

Fort Lauderdale Foreclosure fraud

Unfortunately, many people who face foreclosure in Florida either fail to respond to the foreclosure complaint and lose their home by default, try to represent themselves in what is a complicated and highly technical legal action, or seek out the services of corrupt mortgage foreclosure firms.

At the Law Office of Templer & Hirsch, P.A., we fight to ensure that all of your rights are fully protected throughout the foreclosure process. Do not fall victim to Miami foreclosure fraud or Fort Lauderdale foreclosure fraud. Do not attempt to go it alone. Seek out the reputable services of attorneys skilled in foreclosure in Florida.

Right of reinstatement

Most mortgages in the state of Florida have the right of reinstatement. This means if at any time during the foreclosure litigation process a borrower comes up with the money for the late payments, or can make a deal with the bank to cure the arrearages or late payments, legally the bank must dismiss the foreclosure action. By hiring an attorney skilled in foreclosure you may be able to avoid moving out of your house or signing the house over.

Be wary of predatory lending practices

Templer & Hirsch, P.A. knows how to investigate whether your loan was issued properly and can examine your HUD-1 for impropriety. Federal law requires that you receive a federal Truth in Lending Disclosure Statement before consummating a consumer credit transaction. We are skilled at using mortgage forensic research to uncover legal violations and any predatory lending practices including the following:

  • Increasing interest on loans going into default
  • Balloon payments on loans that mature in less than ten years
  • Extending credit regardless of a the ability of a borrower to pay

Be careful of parties who contact you and offer foreclosure services or who claim to be foreclosure or mortgage consultants. Do not give your personal information to somebody who calls you claiming that he needs the information to help you. Your lender already has your information in their files. Be wary of identity theft. If you receive an offer to erase all your financial troubles, it should be studied carefully. Legitimate foreclosure solutions are seldom quick or painless.

One of our skilled foreclosure attorneys can help

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